Better Business Bureau Gives AT&T an A+ Rating?

After yesterday's Consumers Reports review of AT&T the company has issued its own review sponsored by the Better Business Bureau of bureaucrats. AT&T highlights that according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) its wireless service network is the best in the US by way of their subscribers complain the least.  AT&T thinks because they have the most customer that they have the most complainers.  According to the release in a 12-month period AT&T had the lowest number of complaints made to the BBB among the top four cellular carriers in the country. Verizon Wireless had 34% more complaints, Sprint had 115% & T-Mobile had 207% more complaints.

My presumption is that none of AT&T's customers even care that the BBB even exists and realize it is worthless to complain to a bureaucratic government agency that has no authority or power to do anything to help.  AT&T customers are a smart sophisticated audience and realize that complaining to the BBB more appropriate for cases like when your laundry mat steals your clothing and rips you off.  AT&T users are not dummies and this report tells me absolutely nothing other than it would behoove AT&T customers to also cover their bases and call the BBB about AT&T during the next 12 months.  We will follow up on a report in the next 12 months to see how the complaints stack up after their customer base actually knows now that the BBB is a resource for complaints.  

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