AT&T & Verizon Control 85% of Total Wireless Industry Ad Spend

How can smaller regional wireless carriers possibly compete with the advertising giants of AT&T and Verizon who have historically controlled 85% of the advertising market?  Does the Obama administration take this into account when considering anti-trust issues or do they just consider whether there is access at the local level by other carriers?  The entire advertising market across TV, newspapers, and the Internet amounts to approximately $1.3B dollars according to Bernstein Research. Here is a breakdown of how the wireless industry spends advertising dollars amongst the top players.

AT&T - $500M 2% of revenues
Verizon - $450M 3% of revenues
Sprint - $200M 5% of revenues
T-Mobile - $150M 6% of revenues
Regional Carriers - ?

The Department of Justice is expected to review anti-competitive issues as it relates to access in local areas across the US.  But why don't they take into account money and advertising resources at the disposal of each company?   Further consolidation of the space will also monopolize the airwaves and advertising dollars in order for marketing teams to acquire new customers.  This is coming from an industry that is notorious for false advertising of its coverage and services.  I will be severely disappointed if this issue is not highlighted by the DOJ or FCC.  Its time to spot the corrupt business practices of favoring the large corporations who have unlimited advertising and lobbyist budgets.  

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