10 Reasons Why Text Messaging is a Scam

Have you ever sent a text to someone and its not received or delayed by a few hours?  Do you wonder why text messaging is so expensive when email is free?  Its one of the biggest scams in US history and the FTC and FCC can do nothing about it because there are very few alternatives.  

At current data plan rates mobile phone consumers are paying $1,300 per megabyte for this service.  Consumers are paying $5-$20 per month or hundreds of dollars per year in some cases with lots of overage charges.  We estimate that consumers are paying Verizon & AT&T $10 billion each per year for text messaging services.  AT&T and Verizon each generate $100+ billion per year and revenue and text messaging is a big chunk of it.   The money goes right to the bottom line and is sent directly to AT&T and Verizon shareholders as dividends.   Text messaging is the most profitable line of business for carriers with nearly 99% margins it seems.  

Carriers can charge you upwards of $20 for 1,500 text messages or even $5 for 200 messages.  Not only is this a ripoff but you get charged .35 to .50 cents per message that you go over your plan without any carryover.  Do you ever wonder why email is free and text messaging is not?  Free text messaging is a growing trend and will likely get even bigger as the carrier giants AT&T and Verizon continue to ripoff their customers. However, there are solutions out there to the problem including Google Voice free text message.  Free text mess

1) Delayed text messages without explanation
2) No confirmation if message was received
3) No confirmation if text message was read
4) No receipts or guarantee of delivery
5)  $5 - $20 for 200 to 2000 messages
6)  You are paying $1,300 per megabyte for text that is easy to move through the network
7)  No ways to prevent spam from reaching you
8) Spam still costs YOU money against your plan
9)  .25 cents to .50 cents for going over your text messaging plan
10)  No carryover for text messages not used

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