Cell Phone State Tax Rates Are Ridiculous

Americans are now being paying an average of 16.26% tax on monthly cell phone bill.  Depending on the state that number can shoot up as high as 23.69%.  Each month, the talking tax is silently imposing on America's wireless customers, and unless legislative action is taken the rates go go even higher.  The highest states are Nebraska, Washington, New York, Florida and Illinois.  All the more reasons to start using free wireless whenever possible and dump your data plans because Wi-Fi competes with 4G LTE.  On top of these ridiculously expensive tax rates AT&T & Verizon are the most expensive carriers by far compared with wireless carriers around the world.  Not only do you pay high taxes each month but your data plans are funding two of the highest paying dividend companies on Wall Street.  See the tax map provided by the TaxFoundation.org.  

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