How to Fix Gmail Running Slow

Enable NEW Gmail Labs Feature Background Send

Thanks to our friends at Twit.TV Gina Trapani for recommending the use of this feature. This only seems to happen when using the Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari browsers.  However, it never seems to happen when using an Android phone thank God!

Who knows why this is happening because Google most definitely has hundreds of thousands of email servers around the World to prevent this.  However, as a conspiracy theorist I wouldn't be surprised to see the evil carriers AT&T and Verizon slowing down the transmission of Gmail data.  This is exactly why we must force net neutrality on the carriers or they will do tricks like this in order to get paid.  I would be surprised to see the carriers blocking or screwing with our Gmail data.  Why? Because these evil money sucking carriers would like consumers to start paying for data downloaded just like they do on mobile phones.  They would prefer data caps and limitations on the amount of email downloaded.  

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