How to Get a Broken iPad Replaced for Free

Apple Stores Have Great Customer Service!
Will Apple retail stores replace broken iPads?  I heard two examples on today that loyal Apple customers have had successful experiences taking their broken iPads into Apple stores and getting them replaced.  It was clear if they got them replaced for free but it sounded like it.  Is this too good to be true?  We would appreciate your feedback below in the Disqus comments section.

Shattered or broken iPads screens are not covered under Apple Care.  Twit.TV cited two examples of situations where iPad customers were able to get their iPads replaced.  This is great customer service by Apple and we commend them for not charging customers.  I wish this was true for iPhone customers who frequently crack their screens and batteries need to be replaced.  Apple has charged $79 charges to iPhone batteries and we wonder how long customer service will be giving free replacements for customers who damage their screens. 

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