How to Listen to Pandora on your TV

Pandora TV App is Incredible

If you are shopping for a new TV one of the biggest reasons to upgrade your current home theater system is to have Pandora and Netflix streaming directly on your TV.  Most of the current TVs like: Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic or Sharp LCD, Plasma or TV have Pandora pre-installed.  If you bought a new TV in a couple of years it is highly likely that you can hook an ethernet cable directly to it and also download the Pandora app through a simple firmware upgrade.  The Pandora app allows you to give a thumbs up and thumbs down feature the same way you can on your mobile phone or internet streaming browser on your computer.  Use the same password and login for all of your devices and soon you will have a customized and highly personalized music experience.  Who knows you may never want to buy music again.  

If your DSL or cable modem/router is too far from your TV then you can simply use a USB WiFi TV adapter to connect to the internet.  WiFi  in TVs is a revolution disruptive game-changing experience for consumers.  Most people don't understand the technology benefits until they have tried it and realize how much money they can having a new TV.   Having the Pandora and Netflix apps on your TV might save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars because you don't really need a home audio system any more.  The Pandora app lets you listen to endless amounts of music and you don't need a DVD player, CD player or Apple TV or Google TV box. 

Chances are also that your new TV will have the Pandora TV app pre-loaded on the TV as an app that you can use immediately.  However, if your new TV does not have the Pandora TV app pre-installed you can most likely download it from the TV app store for free. Netflix is also great to stream on your TV as well but I use Pandora's TV app every day.   Pandora (NYSE: P) is a fast-growing media company that just did an IPO and now has 94 million users.  33 million of those users stream music at their home and office every day.   Its highly likely that Pandora will eventually branch off into other forms of media like TV and video once they get mas adoption of their personalization features.  The more you use the app the better music it plays.    

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