Why Does AT&T Wireless Hate Me?

Randall Stephenson AT&T CEO & Tim McKone AT&T Lobbyist
Deadcellzones.com has been trying to speak with AT&T (NYSE: T) executives for the last 10 years without any success in working with a giant telecom company.  We have sent many emails and made numerous phone calls to executives asking to share out crowdsourced coverage information with AT&T executives in order to help them build out their network where customers need it most.  We have also spoken to a handful of AT&T marketing, network operations, public relations middle management, executives but continually get blown off like our coverage maps are not important and don't exist.  Randall Stephenson my contact information is right here if you or any of your executives want to do the right thing and take our information for free.

Do they ignore us because they have been given a green light from the FCC to lie to consumers about their theoretical coverage maps?  Does AT&T ignore us because we don't have a telecom management pedigree or have raised millions of dollars in venture capital?  What validation do we need to get acknowledged by your employees?  Is this because AT&T would rather see our consumer-generated "dead zone" coverage maps disappear, rather than admit they are under-investing in their infrastructure where they hold spectrum licenses?  It makes good business sense to me to buy a spectrum license in areas that you have no intention of building out cell towers and coverage because if it won't be profitable.  However, is this ethical and shouldn't the FCC be auditing these gaps to give back this spectrum to regional carriers who might actually use it and provide coverage?

Deadcellzones.com has received hundreds of thousands of cell phone coverage complaints over the last decade and we publish them on our AT&T map.  We continue to receive hundreds every day from frustrated customers who want coverage help and ways to improve their over-promised AT&T signal strength. Why do we do this asked one prominent member of the FCC?  Because AT&T does not publish the information themselves because they fear if their competitors get this information they will exploit their weak coverage areas.  Sounds like a win for consumers if cell phone reception was more transparent?    

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