Why Are Mobile Phones Mysteriously Dying

Cell Phone Industry Conspiracy Theory 

I am growing skeptical of an wireless industry that could be using shenanigans to make smartphones die.  Why would a carrier install a bug or make your software fail for a few select customers?  Because your phone is likely out of a contract and they want you to upgrade and need the revenue.  We have no idea or control over the software that is being installed on our phones.  Automatic updates happen frequently and have no control over it.  Therefore, we would never know if T-Mobile or Verizon in particular are purposely causing our phones to die with corrupt software and calling it a hardware failure.

I am a conspiracy theorist when it comes to carrier fraud and there is not reason why my laptop can last for 8+ years and my phone continually craps out after 18 months.  This has happened repeatedly and I am beginning to think that there is corruption within the industry to drive sales.  It happened to my wife who has a Verizon Droid and now me how has T-Mobile G2 Android phone.

I can't wait until the day something like this is uncovered by a techie similar to the Carrier IQ monitoring software that was being installed on our phones.  If anyone has any evidence to substantiate my claims I would like to know in the comments below or send me an email.   I can see a class action coming very soon if someone uncovers evidence.

The only evidence I have is that our phones have died on Friday or Saturday each time.  Anyone else experience this on similar days?  Super convenient for you to just run into a T-Mobile or Verizon store to boost their business.   SCAM!

I have not experienced or heard of these problems with Sprint or with AT&T.

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