How To Use iPad or Phone as Boarding Pass

Paperless Boarding Pass on iPhone Wallet
Save a tree and the hassle of printing a boarding pass.  A paperless boarding pass enables airline passengers to download their boarding pass on their cell phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). This innovative approach streamlines the customer experience while heightening the ability to detect fraudulent boarding passes. Each paperless boarding pass is displayed as an encrypted two-dimensional bar code along with passenger and flight information. TSA security officers use scanners to validate the authenticity of the boarding pass at the checkpoint.

Airlines will make this option available when passengers choose their method of boarding pass delivery.  Here is an example of using the boarding pass on an iPhone.  The 2nd example is how to save your boarding pass as a PDF file by printing it.  Then email the PDF to yourself and save it to your iPad, iPhone, Android Phone or tablet device.  It is important that you download and save the document prior to arriving at the airport.  You don't want to mess with trying to download the document at the airport if the network is congested.
Save Boarding Pass as PDF File

iPhone Boarding Pass

iPad Boarding Pass

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