Verizon & AT&T Waiting For iPhone 5 LTE?

Are Verizon & AT&T Consumers Waiting for iPhone 5 LTE? 

Verizon & AT&T scared Apple investors over the few days by reporting poor iPhone sales on their earnings calls.  At the same time, Apple sold 35 million iPhones in the quarter largely supported by Japan and Asia.  It has been rumored that the iPhone 5 will be debuted around October of 2013 just in time for Holiday sales.  However, is the iPhone 5 LTE really that revolutionary?  Yes, speeds are faster but the content experience is still the same and the iPad experience is better.

I tend to think that the iPhone will become a lost leader and the iPad will take its place.  Why?  Content is consumed much easier on a larger screen.  4 inches on the iPhone vs 10 inches on the iPad is just a better experience.  If you are away from WiFi just tether your iPhone to your iPad and you don't need a separate iPad data plan.  

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