Is Verizon FiOS Blocking Wifi Enabled TVs From Connecting To Routers?

Having Samsung Wireless Link FiOS Router Problems?

What most people don't know is that Verizon FiOS has a nasty reputation of secretly blocking competition by creating technical hurdles that make devices not work any longer.  I had my Samsung TV hooked up to my Verizon Actiontec router for over a year and it suddenly stopped working.  This happened a few years ago when I was using Slingbox as well and trying to access TV programming remotely.  Verizon blocked access.   Are they not blocking access to their routers from Samsung and other WiFi-enabled TV's?  

Why would Verizon FiOS do this?  First, they want to rent you DVR boxes for $10-$20 per month.  Second, they don't want their customers using Netflix, Pandora, or anything that competes with watching TV or video on demand.  Why is no one investigating this?   FCC?

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