Why The Mobile App Business in Trouble Long Term


I am kind of a contrarian when it comes to the app business expanding over the next decade and don't agree with this chart.  I have been in the tech space for a long time and I am seeing a similar pattern to the .com crash of the early 2000's. Developers are tired and app publishers are having an impossible time getting discovered in the app store. I think the app store is a dysfunctional filter of information that should ultimately be controlled by search engines.

Thus, why I think HTML5 and apps the utilize the web heavily will ultimately win out in the long run. I think the 99/01 rule plays out in this industry and thousands of companies continue to go out of business. There are just far too many companies that are app only and don't have a web presence. Those that do both will succeed.

I say this also because the consumer is tired of having to constantly update apps. I think it is backfiring on pure app companies. People are deleting apps for space and apps are running secretly in the background. Pure web apps are accessible on demand and don't require downloads. We hear this frustration from consumers on our site Deadcellzones.com.

 Love to hear your thoughts.

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