How Do Public Utilities Deal With Mobile Dead Zones?

What Does A Public Works & Utility Service Vehicles Deal With Mobile Dead Zones? 

Gas, phone, water, road & electric utility companies are more dependent than ever on mobile communications with their home office.  From scheduling appointments to ordering equipment to emergency services.  Communication is critical to solving problems quickly.  

What does a public utility truck do when they don't have service?  Can they prepare ahead of time to know if a particular service area is not going to have good cell phone service?  

It has been suggested by a public utility in California that there is a need to help their service people prepare before going into the field.  All public utility vehicles take work into the field and are heavily reliant on mobile platforms to perform that work.  Everyone knows of the dead spots so why not prepare by sharing these locations with us on a map.  Currently, most utility workers rely on local knowledge and don't have a map system for this knowledge.  

We are willing to share this information back with you for your mapping GIS solutions.  Send us your notorious dead zones and we will post the data directly to the map.  Most the public utility agencies use ESRI and our data can fit right into these mapping systems.  

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