Top 1,000 ISP's and Companies With Poor Cell Phone Reception

Top 1000 ISP's and Companies with Poor Cell Phone Reception
Here is a list of the top ISP's and companies that visit on a regular basis.  We presume that users of those services also suffer from poor office or home cell phone coverage.  This list of 4,000 companies and ISP's are also ranked by the number of visitors as well as the amount of engagement.  We are making the assumption from this data that someone who is visiting the site has poor cell phone coverage or is looking for information about coverage.  There are 4,000 other companies on this list.  Contact us if you are interested in the remaining data.

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Service Provider Sessions Duration
comcast cable communications inc. 271832 86.12
road runner holdco llc 181369 90.07
time warner cable internet llc 180946 81.30
verizon online llc 175767 94.85
charter communications 157634 86.53
at&t internet services 147134 87.78
comcast cable communications holdings inc 117159 80.94
service provider corporation 110384 73.48
cox communications 106947 80.82
cellco partnership dba verizon wireless 99290 91.32
qwest communications company llc 97092 89.57 inc 83733 0.26
sprint nextel corporation 69378 93.53
t-mobile usa inc. 59225 82.29
verizon internet services inc. 55290 101.69
cox communications inc. 54957 81.91
optimum online (cablevision systems) 51734 94.11
frontier communications of america inc. 51667 103.43
embarq corporation 49431 102.16
comcast cable communications 37017 83.55
comcast ip services l.l.c. 31721 72.35
at&t mobility llc 31633 66.53
comcast cable communications ip services 31468 83.04
suddenlink communications 30675 87.47
mediacom communications corp 29163 89.39 inc. 28404 99.99
windstream communications inc 26836 103.05
enet inc. 26485 0.28
centurytel internet holdings inc. 25076 114.14 inc. 23022 11.39
hughes network systems 21726 119.92
comcast business communications llc 17389 74.37
comcast cable communications inc 16939 84.27
cable one inc. 15842 88.67
amazon technologies inc. 15090 6.89
fairpoint communications inc. 14322 104.27
tw telecom holdings inc. 14216 73.26
Comcast Cable 12718 172.41
sprint communications inc. 12539 72.24
opera software asa 12245 37.69
tds telecom 12237 102.74
viasat communications inc. 11892 137.70
psinet inc. 11578 70.49
xo communications 11265 106.99
codero 10317 1.32
level 3 communications inc. 9843 108.89
earthlink inc. 9727 102.55
hosted data solutions llc 8965 109.86
clearwire us llc 8737 101.12
at&t services inc. 7592 71.42
wayport inc. 7472 73.02
fuse internet access 7366 93.66
qwest communications corporation 7140 98.37
best buy co. inc. 6818 38.41
headquarters usaisc 6753 102.40
insight communications company l.p. 6732 85.40
SBC Internet Services 6714 187.64
asm adsl cbb 6658 105.70
inktomi corporation 6474 0.61
midcontinent media inc. 6124 75.29
metropcs wireless inc. 6094 79.60
armstrong cable services 6091 88.99
rcn corporation 6040 84.84
Verizon Internet Services 6021 180.57
Road Runner 5787 173.23
earthlink inc 5753 91.32
shaw communications inc. 5750 55.30
clear wireless llc 5744 102.69
wildblue communications inc. 5628 165.34
comcast business communications inc. 5507 82.70
research in motion limited 5505 74.10
penteledata inc. 5492 88.25
integra telecom inc. 5313 78.42
wideopenwest michigan 5261 89.69
microsoft corp 5193 15.55
google inc. 5161 56.24
america online inc. 5001 118.49
rcn 4967 61.92
america online inc 4949 116.01
scansafe inc. 4906 84.24
navy network information center (nnic) 4901 100.90
sprint 4790 76.80
digital ocean inc. 4704 0.92
yahoo! inc. 4702 4.05 inc. 4550 90.26
sprint pcs 4522 110.27
bright house networks - cfl division 4455 91.32
jab wireless inc. 4408 99.84
wave broadband 4371 91.50
bresnan communications llc. 4306 87.27
opera software americas llc 4300 25.91
cbeyond communications llc 4184 81.05
telus communications inc. 4181 55.00
cricket communications inc 4132 108.22
consolidated communications inc. 4067 94.19
covad communications co. 3950 145.41
754th electronic systems group 3931 96.24
dod network information center 3903 98.37
America Online 3745 198.70
Cox Communications 3719 182.81
at&t global network services llc 3640 103.71
mia adsl cbb 3526 106.36
hawaiian telcom services company inc. 3501 85.25
zscaler inc. 3378 64.01
atlantic broadband finance llc 3374 94.08
ip pools 3368 57.57
knology inc. 3292 92.47
noc4hosts inc. 3254 1.35
buckeye cablevision inc. 3113 94.96
sympatico hse 3103 63.00
wideopenwest ohio 3060 80.94
sprint chicago pop 2989 78.68
sprint akron pop 2844 59.77
netscape communications corp. 2747 124.74
metrocast cablevision 2722 96.51
department of veterans affairs 2698 101.46
windstream nuvox inc. 2642 78.55
verizon internet services 2594 93.66
general communication inc. 2490 71.42
paetec communications inc. 2480 100.33
wide open west 2447 76.53
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS 2383 169.72 2312 173.22
unknown 2279 69.37
mci communications services inc. d/b/a verizon business 2277 78.79
at&t worldnet services 2276 137.74
the boeing company 2255 85.80
dedicated servers 2220 0.00
megapath networks inc. 2213 74.38
private customer 2198 74.59
cebridge connections 2153 92.43
dsl extreme 2150 111.39
surewest broadband 2145 89.95
penteledata house account 2053 83.77
nuvox communications inc. 2051 91.92
deutsche telekom ag 2038 71.26
viasat inc. 2004 109.60
interhost-networks-ltd 1983 0.01
iliad entreprises customers 1957 0.00
new wave communications 1956 96.75
cisco systems ironport division 1944 65.31
rogers cable communications inc. 1838 54.87
Qwest Communications 1825 197.08
hewlett-packard company 1789 81.99
shentel service company 1763 120.25
midcontinent media inc 1737 74.36
metrocast communications 1735 87.73
verizon wireless 1730 53.51
intel corporation 1700 74.93
bright house networks llc 1681 80.39
wideopenwest illinois 1678 92.63
penteledata inc. - cable 1677 94.43
surfcontrol inc. 1656 75.20
istanbul datacenter ltd. sti. 1650 0.00
afnca inc. 1648 71.76
mediacom communications corporation 1642 73.38
jan adsl cbb 1615 110.92
comcast cable communications holdings inc. 1614 86.67
apple computer 1609 37.25
ntt america inc. 1606 56.74
bright house networks 1592 74.37
netelligent hosting services inc. 1525 0.10
videotron ltee 1480 63.05
hetzner online ag 1480 0.11
lockheed martin corporation 1463 89.67
bank of america 1455 78.16
brighthouse networks indianapolis 1434 60.85
national aeronautics and space administration 1422 113.89
Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems) 1405 173.74
north carolina research and education network 1387 73.85
rutgers university 1387 18.44
Adelphia 1375 191.26
global crossing 1354 94.62
wideopenwest finance llc 1352 91.40
EarthLink 1351 192.65
northland cable television inc. 1343 89.34
wells fargo & company 1336 71.43
baja broadband 1330 85.13
uninet s.a. de c.v. 1329 42.73
telstra internet 1302 55.47
inter net bilgisayar ltd sti 1302 0.01
netriver int llc 1298 19.55
axarnet nodo en madrid 1293 0.00
cisco systems inc. 1282 72.28
broadstripe 1277 92.36
carat networks inc 1274 0.53
musicam usa 1273 73.96
wiscnet 1273 84.36
clt adsl cbb 1261 114.96
metro pcs 1237 60.01
private customer - sbc internet services 1236 96.79
state of minnesota 1225 75.83
private customer - wave broadband 1209 84.55
alaska communications systems group inc. 1209 78.23
illinois century network 1205 67.31
great works internet 1200 84.76
massillon cable communications 1193 114.64
brighthouse networks bakersfield 1189 101.21
jasper technologies inc 1188 73.99
bhm adsl cbb 1151 106.80
great call inc 1150 24.05
guadalupe valley telephone cooperative inc. 1121 117.61
bna adsl cbb 1111 105.66
epb telecom 1106 76.31
softlayer technologies inc. 1075 25.31
bend cable communications llc 1069 95.38
jpmorgan chase & co. 1049 63.32
comporium communications 1039 86.54
atlantic broadband 1030 70.75
net servi os de comunica o s.a. 1030 19.91
comite gestor da internet no brasil 1029 58.16
rock hill telephone company 1028 89.57
at&t subscribers - ct 1024 99.34
usda office of operations 1018 107.41
federal aviation administration 1010 91.38
university of wisconsin madison 1007 64.33
Level 3 Communications 1005 258.27
jax adsl cbb 998 92.28
internet service provider 993 61.32
fedex 990 74.94
department of homeland security 990 86.80
surewest kansas operations llc 989 89.70
teksavvy solutions inc. 988 57.30
southern new england telephone company and snet america inc. 981 66.34
verizon 980 98.35
arvig enterprises inc. 964 106.33
broadband multiplay project o/o dgm bb noc bsnl bangalore 962 52.17
america online 956 155.92
gsp adsl cbb 951 112.73
northrop grumman corp. 951 69.61
sky broadband 950 54.01
golden west telecommunications coop. inc. 947 79.72
abovenet communications inc 947 68.50
ovh sas 931 3.98
cellular south 921 101.62
rackspace cloud servers ip space 921 0.00
korea telecom 917 81.48
xspedius communications co. 916 61.38
honeywell international inc. 916 73.86
united states postal service. 912 103.69
general electric company 909 104.78
ntelos pcs inc. 899 79.31
gesti n de direccionamiento uninet 899 68.83
north state telephone co. 894 89.03
u.s. department of transportation 889 84.96
tpa-division - cfl 883 89.11
fidelity communication international inc. 863 85.94
state farm mutual automobile insurance company 860 71.36
easynet ltd 855 57.58
university of missouri - dba the missouri research and education 855 78.67
optimum online 853 96.30
pioneer long distance inc. 852 117.86
general motors corporation 851 81.33
sologigabit s.l.u. 847 0.00
fidelity investments 842 60.55
bhn-detr 840 72.52
rackcentral pty ltd 838 0.00
mco adsl cbb 837 117.17
ford motor company 835 79.29
gnv adsl cbb 835 133.14
mem adsl cbb 832 115.59
ntt communications corporation 830 54.95
hargray communications group inc. 825 103.83
rmo adsl cbb 825 100.11
university of california los angeles 822 75.98
uunet technologies inc. 818 145.37
reza hemadi 816 0.00
raytheon company 813 93.44
stanford university 808 70.89
oxford networks 803 64.37
us dept of justice 786 75.06
cerfnet 784 74.75
united technologies research center 783 68.91
vermont telephone company inc. 779 111.99
pivot 776 100.15
qwest broadband services inc. 776 92.07
marriott international 769 77.37
kaiser foundation health plan 766 67.98
london trust media inc 763 64.85
plateau telecommunications incorporated 762 82.46
pppox pool rback10 mrdnct 758 8.07
click! network 758 73.78
puerto rico telephone company 755 83.35
syniverse technologies llc 754 107.36
social security administration 754 83.42
iinet limited 751 72.36
ibm corporation 748 68.64
voicestream wireless 743 93.03
massachusetts institute of technology 741 58.74
hurricane electric inc. 740 74.62
opera software 738 61.36
dedicated server hosting 737 4.68
computer sciences corporation 736 86.78
speakeasy inc. 735 527.42
knology holdings inc. 733 92.17
telstra 730 60.28
cspire wireless 729 94.59
pltn13 internal 729 109.53
japan network information center 728 80.95
ibm 728 78.11
apple inc. - 10g ashburn ide 727 36.64
cogeco cable canada inc. 727 58.46
university of california davis 726 58.60
spirit telecom 725 95.91
duke university 724 61.93
metrocast cablevision of new hampshire llc. 720 98.90
the pennsylvania state university 716 55.59
abuse-mailbox 715 0.10
blackfoot telephone cooperative inc. 710 90.80
oracle corporation 707 95.93
BEST BUY CO. 702 62.40
motricity inc 702 104.11
apple inc. 700 39.39
megapath corporation 695 83.94
owb adsl cbb 693 116.97
ard adsl cbb 693 101.14
liquid web inc. 690 0.27
ipv4 address block not managed by the ripe ncc 689 58.14
us internet corp 685 57.14
savvis 685 95.16
opal telecom dsl 685 47.62
bhn tpa division 682 74.94
msy adsl cbb 677 103.21
optimum wifi 676 84.77
georgia institute of technology 669 54.20
university of washington 661 64.53
research in motion inc. 660 74.36
hca hospital corporation of america 659 58.70
solarus 658 116.21
mikrotec internet services 657 103.12
aby adsl cbb 654 103.14
allied wireless communications corporation 651 124.24
oarnet 647 94.67
early registration addresses 645 23.51
hargray communications 642 78.78
tys adsl cbb 638 122.15
sunflower broadband 637 81.70
int adsl cbb 631 97.65
georgia department of education 631 76.94
disney worldwide services inc. 624 78.64
global village telecom 623 11.84
bellsouth cellular corp. 620 98.02
sprint anaheim pop 619 72.07
shv adsl cbb 619 119.00
comcast telecommunications inc. 618 64.37
ohio state university 614 52.94
advanced cable communications 613 85.17
james cable llc 613 96.95
netnet 612 119.71
Sprint 608 170.35
hsv adsl cbb 605 116.60
broadview networks inc. 603 74.39
american registry for internet numbers 603 67.12
verizon data services llc 603 82.87
juno online services inc. 597 257.27
mid-rivers telephone cooperative inc. 592 71.36
tpg internet pty ltd. 587 55.70
hickorytech corporation 584 80.54
michigan state government 582 82.68
bgk adsl cbb 582 110.06
iowa telecom 582 101.51
university of utah 581 64.40
harvard university 578 70.65
education networks of america 573 75.01
morris broadband llc 571 86.84
mileweb inc. 570 40.60
wesee limited 570 0.13
messagelabs inc. 568 83.59
cable one 565 74.39
allied telecom group llc 563 58.40
consolidated telcom 561 74.95
university of minnesota 559 69.70
cerfnet customer - qualcomm inc. 559 59.16
pricewaterhousecoopers llp 559 46.00
telef nica brasil s.a 558 14.38
altushost b.v. 558 0.35
emirates telecommunications corporation 554 38.31
burlington telecom 554 84.76
servnet mexico s.a. de c.v. 552 0.06
mayo foundation for medical education and research 551 81.18
sav adsl cbb 550 105.51
pt telkom indonesia 549 50.06
cobridge communications llc 548 65.86
university of california san diego 548 70.00
surewest internet 547 76.85
Sprint DSL 546 201.92
university of massachusetts at boston 545 37.38
university of maryland 544 77.89
a100 row servicos de dados brasil ltda 542 3.72
u.s. department of state 541 75.78
bell mobility inc. 537 113.64
one communications corporation 537 108.78
national institutes of health 535 63.48
dhcp pool - cinergy metronet 533 78.76
san juan cable llc 531 70.01
stentor national integrated communications network 530 64.51
target corporation 529 50.32
microsoft corporation 529 38.66
vitro corporation 525 90.14
farmers telephone cooperative inc. 525 91.17
mia adsl eeua 525 120.16
indiana department of education 525 68.53
l-3 communications corporation 524 76.09
at&t global network services 522 94.81
mts allstream inc. 522 60.66
speakeasy network dsl 521 69.53
atlantic telephone membership corp. 518 122.06
cjsc er-telecom company samara 516 299.36
telemar norte leste s.a. 514 20.12
advanced communications technology 513 102.98
state of oregon 511 78.75
eastlink hsi 509 64.47
south central rural telephone co. 508 118.01
steadfast networks 508 81.11
ellijay telephone company 507 100.44
qwest corporation 507 93.06
optus internet - retail 506 47.22
everest connections llc 501 109.33
cma cablevision 500 101.40
johnson & johnson 500 83.66
west virginia network for educational telecomputing 499 86.90
visionary communications inc. 498 115.90
michigan state university 498 57.92
carphone warehouse broadband services 497 40.52
state of missouri office of administration 496 97.50
alltel mip customers - omaha 494 154.65
smith bagley inc 492 93.88
texas instruments 491 81.21
citicorp global information network 490 61.69
home telephone company inc. 489 76.38
nts communications 489 89.61
xmission l.c. 488 93.38
continental broadband pennsylvania inc. 488 88.01
cloudmosa inc. 487 75.55
adams catv inc. 486 118.43
united parcel service 486 93.13
speednet llc 485 107.57
bluegrass network llc 480 127.19
university of california irvine 480 69.14
tiscali uk ltd 480 55.08
speedyrails 480 0.61
chinanet guangdong province network 479 214.20
cogent communications 479 59.24
att incs 479 89.62
university of colorado 477 58.12
texas a&m university 476 82.01
cae adsl cbb 475 135.42
localtel communications 475 128.11
hosting services inc. 474 58.52
cablevision systems corp. 473 55.51
brigham young university 472 56.70
astound broadband 472 84.60
armstrong utilities 470 93.75
maine libraries/dept. of education 469 55.53
selectronics corp. 469 76.27
lafayette consolidated government 469 85.21
citigroup 466 71.28
nationwide mutual insurance company 463 88.22
rackhosting pty ltd 462 0.19
yadkin valley telephone 461 87.95
taipei taiwan 457 68.24
mta solutions 457 73.34
ans communications inc 456 63.15
leaseweb 456 7.69
mbo video llc 455 144.09
university of southern california 455 47.29
oracle datenbanksysteme gmbh 454 91.41
Covad Communications 453 194.12
conway corporation 452 82.07
brighthouse networks birmingham 452 79.81
university of texas at austin 449 89.31
sierra tel internet 449 109.82
university of florida 448 66.66
private customer - ct communications 448 106.24
blue coat systems inc 448 89.11 446 89.34
pfizer inc. 446 76.87
university of missouri-columbia 445 75.67
abbott laboratories 445 84.83
3rivers telephone 444 80.36
alltel communications of georgia 443 89.91
sasktel wide area network engineering center 442 60.32
us forest service 441 96.69
mckesson corp. 441 75.78
california state university network 439 92.31
u.s. environmental protection agency 437 99.73
e.i. du pont de nemours and co. inc. 435 111.86
proxad / free sas 434 47.35
state of maryland 434 73.59
washington school information processing cooperative 431 62.72
bdm information systems ltd. 431 110.68
static ip services 430 67.00
allegiance communications llc 429 85.69
irvnca internal 428 88.97
nib (national internet backbone) 428 48.26
pppox se3.sfldmi 427 91.38
university of hawaii 427 70.17
longview cable tv 426 81.98
direcpath llc 426 54.27
emerson electric co. 425 89.33
university of pennsylvania 425 67.11
cavalier telephone 424 90.17
pppox pool - rback10 mrdnct 422 48.43
antietam cable television inc. 421 76.78
university of california san francisco 421 64.63
its 421 73.73
allstream corp. 421 63.69
cascade access llc 420 111.67
ags adsl cbb 420 77.63
southern company services inc. 419 77.84
opera mini servers 418 18.04
comporium inc 417 78.52
cogeco cable inc. 417 68.40
mi-connection communications system 416 79.38
columbia university 416 78.05
te data 415 32.87
hc cable opco llc 415 78.44
smart broadband incorporated 414 52.79
university of illinois 414 60.48
united rentals 413 65.44
eagle communications inc. 412 90.51
pakistan telecommuication company limited 410 21.22
great plains communications inc 410 112.27
national city corporation 409 78.39
srt communications inc. 409 81.00
northwestern university 409 51.69
pppox se1.sfldmi 408 114.82
emc corporation 408 85.76
atl adsl ppp 408 132.92
consolidated telephone co 407 110.11
purdue university 407 40.55
deere & company 406 73.14
frankfort plant board 404 91.69
millennium digital media 404 84.87
ad-base systems inc. (dba globalpops) 403 249.99
department of transportation 403 76.32
chs adsl cbb 402 94.25
cass cable tv inc. 398 113.63
cruzio 398 116.48
lowe s companies inc. 398 90.25
indiana university 398 62.66
3m company 397 93.00
delta air lines 396 67.44
wideopenwest 395 52.86
twin lakes telephone cooperative corporation 395 105.51
kentucky department of education 395 104.56
AT&T WorldNet Services 394 201.97
brighthouse networks tampa division 394 58.04
viawest 393 57.73
qwest communications 392 96.35
the dow chemical company 391 85.63
dean witter financial services 391 87.18
resort television cable 390 111.46
chevron corporation 390 77.57
new york university 389 46.84
fbi criminal justice information systems 389 79.01
university of north carolina at chapel hill 389 62.54
unitedhealth group incorporated 388 70.69
RCN Corporation 386 134.94
ericsson business communications inc. 386 103.22
cornell university 386 44.29
mcn adsl cbb 385 110.97
university of virginia 385 81.23
hiawatha broadband communications inc 384 63.71
alternate access inc. 382 122.08
virgin media limited 382 34.07
boston university 382 57.53
worldpath internet services 381 70.01
propel software corporation 381 246.28
ubs ag 381 66.88
duke power company 380 105.67
national park service 378 94.62
the home depot inc. 377 68.71
mebtel communications 374 97.91
teale data center 373 100.29
sdf adsl cbb 371 122.42
ashland fiber network 370 95.64
prairiewave cable modem dhcp 369 100.38
windstream - lincoln 368 88.90
university of california santa cruz 368 56.12
county of los angeles 368 98.71
windstream - live oak 367 121.63
Armstrong Cable Services 367 167.13
cantv servicios venezuela 367 40.91
utah education network 366 78.50
turner broadcasting system inc. 366 69.93
tennessee valley authority 365 108.45
commonwealth of massachusetts 365 72.89
telefonica de espana sau 364 32.77
sprint dsl network 363 80.23
ibahn general holdings corporation 363 87.42
yale university 362 50.14
lightedge solutions 362 79.36
university of iowa 361 62.99
imon communications llc 361 97.33
pns adsl cbb 357 138.07
various registries (maintained by arin) 355 76.57
genentech inc. 355 54.76
skybest communications inc. 355 105.92
truvista communications 355 111.76
cablevision of flagstaff 354 109.29
state of wi dept. of administration 353 89.27
perot systems 353 95.60
horizon telcom inc. 352 117.70
mgm adsl cbb 351 123.07
ipg 351 48.69
hill country telephone cooperative inc. 350 102.82
state of tennessee 350 76.48
nco group inc. 349 60.05
paul bunyan communications 349 90.12
abts tamilnadu 348 362.31
ace communications group 348 124.43
caterpillar inc. 347 91.27
bell canada 346 61.35
the municipal communications utility of the city of cedar falls 346 96.61
peoples communications inc. 346 148.28
alltel mip customers - warrensville heights 345 136.21
sdn communications inc. 345 104.20
bell aliant regional communications inc. 343 60.57
infowest inc. 343 83.71
internal revenue service 343 103.91
centurytel solutions llc 343 82.38
at&t managed firewall services nb2 342 78.33
a.g. edwards & sons inc. 342 71.93
pixius communications llc 341 95.67
wild blue communications 340 151.89
grand river mutual telephone corporation 340 110.76
west corporation 340 54.46
solar turbines inc. mz g1 340 80.16
sovernet inc. 339 140.45
compa a dominicana de tel fonos c. por a. - codetel 339 37.35
telefonos del noroeste s.a. de c.v. 339 105.88
netins inc. 339 66.87
cobridge communications 339 92.52
google fiber inc. 338 84.33
ne colorado cellular inc 335 73.08
ben lomand 335 106.41
the procter and gamble company 334 79.70
science applications international corporation (saic) 333 86.75
the st. paul travelers companies inc. 331 82.21
cablevision of lake havasu 330 143.52
south central communications inc. 330 101.87
masergy communications 329 53.35
the johns hopkins medical institutions 328 73.14
eatel 327 72.39
ohio public library information network (oplin) 327 89.77
grande communications corpus christi hub 1 326 96.52
city of los angeles 326 105.60
tks telepost kabel-service kaiserslautern gmbh & co. kg 325 58.97
socket internet inc. 325 138.19
ilm adsl cbb 325 105.83
ritter communications inc. 323 112.94
brasil telecom s/a - filial distrito federal 323 4.32
ALLTEL Corporation 322 195.69
ovh static ip 321 4.06
state of arkansas 320 111.68
itc^deltacom 320 75.43
Insight Communications Company 319 150.25
telepacific communications 318 93.28
clt adsl eeua 318 131.20
craw-kan telephone coop. inc. 317 138.79
triangle telephone 317 102.72
kpmg llp 317 63.44
wild blue communications inc 316 176.66
telecom italia s.p.a. tin easy lite 316 29.49
long lines internet 315 68.67
Mediacom Communications Corp 315 155.94
xerox corporation 314 78.52
cbs corporation 314 63.64
deloitte & touche 314 74.36
northland cable television 313 73.24
singnet pte ltd 312 52.64
united states cellular telephone company lp 312 79.49
gorge networks inc. 311 110.17
bix adsl cbb 311 77.19
state of south carolina 311 76.98
pppox pool rback36.snfcca 310 100.11
baldwin telecom inc 310 98.41
htc - dsl modem pool 310 104.00
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CenturyTel Internet Holdings 302 181.24
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itt hartford 268 74.09
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chs - bna lan 266 85.22
longwood medical and academic area (lma) 266 69.61
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wv department of education 236 86.97
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transworld network corp. 236 125.84
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