How to Purchase More Data on T-Mobile's Not So Unlimited Data Plan?

T-Mobile's Not So Unlimited Data Plan
If you read the details of the "unlimited data plan" it says the following: Includes up to 2GB of high-speed data on T-Mobile's network instead of standard 500MB (as part of our Simple Starter plan).

T-Mobile Data Plan Usage
We called T-Mobile today in order to purchase more data since our current 2GB data plan ran out apparently.  As you can see by the chart above we don't use more than 1GB of data per month on average.  If you are traveling and using Google Maps for navigation you won't be able to very easily if they cap your plan and turn the data off.

Why am I not able to purchase another 1GB or 2GB of data?  You can't according to the customer service person I spoke with.

T-Mobile proceeds to send me survey questions over text on how easy it was to resolve the issue.  All of my responses of course were 0.  There is not solution to the problem of purchasing more data.

Here is how you find the data pass.

T-Mobile's data passes cost $5 to $10.  Here is the pricing schedule below.

Below is a Tweet and a response from T-Mobile. Apparently they have data passes that they don't seem to promote.
It might be time to consider a data plan from Republic Wireless.  Its a pre-paid data plan that will work on T-Mobile's network.  All you need is a SIM card and you can use T-Mobile same phone.

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