Why AT&T or Verizon Should Buy Twitter

Verizon logo, AT&T Logo and Twitter Bird

U.S. wireless carrier Verizon is reportedly among a handful of other contenders (probably AT&T) are considering buying social media Twitter.  The renewed speculation around a potential Twitter deal comes as Verizon attempts to navigate its way through a headache at Yahoo, which recently revealed a hack that impacted more than 500 million accounts. Reuters reported. As of yet, it remains unclear what the breach will mean for the Verizon-Yahoo deal.

However, we think AT&T or Verizon should buy Twitter because in my view the carriers provide the worst customer service on the planet compared to any industry.  Twitter in my view could be a much better customer service tool vs a social media tool.  It can be much quicker to get a response versus calling support which typically doesn't help much. Carriers get thousands of Tweets per day to their customer support Twitter handles.  See all the Tweets at Verizon and AT&T customers service in real time below.

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