Trump: Do We Need 1,700 FCC Employees?

Agency overview
Annual budgetUS $388 million (FY 2016, requested)
Agency executiveThomas Wheeler, Chairman
In staffing his FCC transition team, President-elect Donald Trump has tapped a pair of American Enterprise Institute (AEI) vets and free market de-regulators in Jeffrey Eisenach and Mark Jamison.  Do these guys actually understand what is going on with spectrum hoarding?

It is very important to keep radio spectrum allocation independent of day-to-day political pressures.  Traditionally even deregulatory Republicans conceded there needs to be some spectrum cop on the beat.  But who is actually doing the policing?   Shouldn't we have a free market for spectrum licensing in smaller markets where customers are getting screwed with no coverage?

FCC regulation is about disappointing people at a rate that they can endure. 

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