T-Mobile Digits Is Huge Carrier Game Changer!

One Phone Number on Multiple Devices

One phone number for multiple devices: Works Android Phones, iPhones, iPads.

With DIGITS, your T-Mobile number works across virtually all your connected devices—phones, tablets, wearables and computers. And, in another Un-carrier first, DIGITS lets customers put multiple T-Mobile numbers on the same device, so you can combine work, home and personal numbers on a single smartphone.
For example:  You can text on your phone, iPad or PC or Mac all at the same time.  The messages are all synced on every device.  You call also make phone calls on every device.  No longer do you have to depend on quality cell phone coverage if you have great wifi.   Sign-up Now! 
DIGITS marks the first time customers can get a complete solution that lights up numbers on virtually any Internet-connected device, lets you use multiple numbers on one device and delivers carrier-grade calling. DIGITS prioritizes calls from your phone over other data so calls are more reliable with crystal clear HD voice quality and full mobility. That’s because DIGITS is your real wireless number with real wireless calling – not a best-efforts data connection like you get with over-the-top (OTT) Internet calling services. Sign-up Now!

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