SiriusXM Raises Rates $1 Per Month 3 Consecutive Years In A Row

SiriusXM Rate Increase $1 Per Month for 2015 & 2016
Rate Increase $1 Per Month for 2015 & 2016

Here is the new notification I received below . . . 

Effective April 27, 2016, the price of SiriusXM Select and Select Family Friendly packages increased by $1 per month. Effective this same date standalone SiriusXM Internet Radio increased by $1 per month. 

I think this rate increase would be justified if SiriusXM made some concerted efforts to improve coverage and reduce the amount of SirusXM signal interference in areas areas.  We get hundreds of people per day reading and comment on this blog who are having reception issues.

Comments appreciated below. 

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