How to Add New Cell Phone Tower To Map

cell phone tower map
New Map to Compare Dead Cell Zone Complaints & Cell Phone Towers recently launched a new map to compare cell phone tower locations and coverage problems.  The map on the left is our traditional dead cell zones map.  The map on the right is a database of 170,000+ cell phone tower locations provided by the FCC.

If a cell phone tower is not on our map (right side) you can now add it by clicking on the + icon on the upper right corner of the map.  Please add new DAS antennas as well if they are not on the map also.

Here is an example of Telluride, Colorado where we discovered a new cell phone tower on top of the mountain that was not included in the data provided by the FCC.  We don't know who owns the tower so that information is left off of the map.  However, we assume the ski resort of Telluride likely owns the tower since it is located on top of the mountain.

What is most shocking is that T-Mobile provides better coverage at 13,000 feet on a hike than they do at 9,500 feet in the town of Telluride.  Go figure.  When we were on vacation in Telluride, CO during our vacation there was zero coverage in town.  There was adequate coverage in the Mountain Village.

These two tweets were sent to T-Mobile to alert them of this potential safety hazard.

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