Tips for Preventing Damage to Your iPhone

How to Prevent Damage to your iPhone
You paid enough for your iPhone, so when it's damaged you not only have no way to talk to your friends or download some great apps - but you also feel as if you are losing money on your favorite investment!

So why not make sure you prevent damage to your iPhone? It will save you time, headache, and money! There are four surefire ways to prevent damage to your iPhone and I have shared them below.

Always make sure to check your pockets before you do the laundry!

Always make sure to check your pockets before you do the laundry! Liquid damage is quite hard to repair, and you may even lose your expensive iPhone to such a simple and silly mistake. To save your iPhone from water damage try a couple of things before you send your iPhone to device heaven.

1) Don't turn on your iPhone or push any buttons when it's wet, it's dangerous and is a way to kill an iPhone that actually only needs repair.

2) Immediately put your iPhone in a bag of dry rice. Sounds silly, but it has worked for many desperate iPhone owners. Try keeping your device in the bag for a few days and try to turn it on again to see if it works.

3)  Blow dry your iPhone or iPod Touch. This is a perfect step when done after the rice bag trick. Before you try turning it on, make sure to try to aim the blow dryer in any open holes or crevices on your device as this will dry any water trapped in your device.

Remember: When in doubt check your pockets!

Purchase a Good Quality Case 

This one may seem a little obvious, but you wouldn't believe the amount of iPhone owners out there that don't have a case protecting their precious device.

Some popular case brands are: Speck, Otter Box, and iSkin - but of course there are some other quality brands as well.

Get a Scratch Resistant Screen Protector 

Even if you have the great case or bumper on your iPhone, this doesn't prevent the inevitable face-down drop of your iPhone on the concrete.

Don’t Let Your iPhone Die

The battery in your iPhone has a limited amount of charge cycles. What this means is that every time you let it die and charge it all the way back, that counts as a full cycle. So charge often to prolong the life of your battery.

 Speaking of charging, buy the right charger! We all know how they easily break, but buying a lightning charger that may not be supported with your iPhone is just a waste of money! Apple runs software checks on these cables to make sure they are safe and compatible.

Treat Your iPhone Like the Delicate Package it is!

Just because you may have a nice case on your iPhone or some scratch resistant screen protector doesn't mean that you are in the clear of any iPhone damage. People often damage the headphone jack in their phones by yanking on the headphone cable.

If you're in a high-chaos environment, run your headphone cable underneath your clothes. Or use a headphone cable with a quick-disconnect that gives way before your device does.

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