AT&T & Verizon "Drop The Ball" Providing Emergency Cell Service

Have the big carriers become lazy about helping out for emergencies in California?  Have politics and political agendas got in the way of these corporate giant telecom bureaucracies helping California?

Just like Trump called out the Forest Service as mismanaging resources in the time of emergencies.  I am calling out AT&T & Verizon for not helping out enough to provide emergency wireless cell phone coverage in the Thousand Oaks, Westlake, and Malibu areas during the fires.   Do the management teams of Verizon and AT&T hate California as well?  These companies are based in heavily conservative areas in the deep South of Georgia and Texas.

Why didn't they bring in emergency cell phone towers along Mulholland Highway which has notoriously horrendous cell phone coverage?  These companies have helped out tremendously during hurricanes in Florida and North Carolina.  Why not help California?  Cellular companies should have dozens of these trucks in California during the fire season.  Here is a photo of only 1 truck on PCH during the Woosley Fire.  Where were the AT&T & Verizon wireless drones providing emergency cell phone service as you promoted on CNBC?

T-Mobile & Sprint also have horrible service in this area but typically these companies are using AT&T & Verizon networks in this area.  So I can't exactly call out these companies in this area as easily.  Here is an AT&T Map of coverage. 

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