Does Your School Have Cell Phone Service Problems?

Do Schools Block Cell Phone Signals? 

We were interviewed today by CBS TV in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which is doing a news story on cell phone coverage in schools.  They were asking questions about whether schools block cell phone signals in schools or whether cell coverage is just a factor of the cell phone tower being located too far from the school.  

The cell phone coverage in each school depends on a lot of factors.  

1)  Does the school block signals using a cell phone signal jammer?

2)  How far is the school from the nearest cell phone tower? 

3)  What material is the building made out of concrete, steel, or wood?

4)  Are hills or trees blocking cell phone signals?

5)  Does the school allow students to make phone calls and send text messages over WiFi when a cellular signal is not present?

6)  Has the school installed cell phone DAS antennas/repeaters?  

7)  Does the school have adequate WiFi coverage in every classroom and location throughout the school campus?  

Here is another community in California concerned about cell phone towers causing cancer on school campuses.  Sprint actually removed a cell phone tower on campus because it was thought it could have caused 4 cases of cancer. 

Please add your comments to this story below about cell phone coverage and policies in your school.  What are your thoughts about having cell phone coverage in the school?  

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