10 Apps for College Students

As a college student, you need to get all the apps that make your academic life easier. Tools and resources designed to help students with their academic endeavors ensure that they excel with flying colors.

Academic apps meet you at your point of need. You’ll have an easy time finding solutions to your problems. You also get to make studying fun and engaging.

Instead of suffering through hours of boring study, why not use student apps to make your study sessions lively. You can even form study groups that help you expedite the entire session.
Thanks to technological advancements, students today have all they need to excel at the tip of their fingers. Unlike traditional ways of studying that made courses seem more complicated than they actually were.

Here are ten must-have apps for college students.

1.    Evernote

Evernote is the go-to note-taking app for college students. It is designed with you in mind, so you'll have an easy time using it. The beauty of Evernote is that taking notes doesn't necessarily mean typing out your thoughts. This application can save video as well as audio files.

You also get to synchronize your mobile device with your laptop so that you can transfer notes taken on your phone to your computer for educational use.

2.    Dropbox

With Dropbox, you can forget about losing your coursework, files, and study notes. This application allows you to upload all important files and documents to the cloud.

The best part is you can now access your files using any device. All you need to do is sign into your account.
As long as there is a strong internet connection, you can access your documents. This also means that you can leave your laptop in the dorm and use the school’s resources to submit assignments and conduct research during school hours.

3.    Feed.ly

If you’re a student who likes to keep their eyes on the ball, Feed.ly is a must-have application for you. With this app, you can easily keep up with deadlines, essays that are overdue, and still report on time for your part-time job.

This RSS aggregator helps with consolidating everything you need to keep up with into one feed. This way, you don’t experience setbacks because you forgot about an important deadline.

4.    Scribd

This is the biggest online library, and as a college student, you can use it to access any information you need. Scribd has a collection of different books and journals you need for your educational journey.

5.    CliffsNotes

If you’re a literature student, CliffsNotes will come in handy. This application provides you with everything you need to write papers based on the books you’re reading. Whether you want to know more about the characters, the theme, or the story’s plot, CliffsNotes has got your back.

6.    Mathway

If you’re always having a hard time with your math assignments, Mathway can make it better. Math is challenging for many students, and this application is designed to make math easier to process.

It is a mobile application that guides you through different concepts. You get help with algebra, geometry, and so many other complex math concepts.

7.    iTunes U

If you use Apple devices, you should definitely get iTunes U. This app gives you access to different educational resources.

8.    Flascards+

If you like to study with flashcards, Falshcards+ helps you make digital flashcards that you won’t lose.

9.    Exam Countdown Lite

When you know how many days you have to the exam date, you’ll be motivated to study. This app keeps you on your toes when exams are around the corner.

10. Myscript Calculator

Since you cannot depend on your mobile’s calculator to solve complex math equations, you should download Myscript Calculator.


Now you have ten applications to make your academic life more comfortable.

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