7 Must-Haves for Every Truck Driver

Truck drivers spend hours if not days on the road to reach their destinations. These people have to deal with everyday challenges in the road, and with a heavier load than usual. Whether they take long or short trips, truck drivers cannot go on the road without some essential items.

Here are seven of the essentials that truck drivers cannot go anywhere without.

1-  Dash-mounted Mobile phone Holder

To avoid the risk of an accident or a ticket due to the use of cellphones while driving, a truck driver needs a cellphone holder that they can mount on their dash. This enables them to view the device’s screen without losing control of the wheel and while staying focused on the road. This is handy to any truck driver as most of them are on the road alone and have no one to navigate roads for them.

2-  GPS

Truck drivers may want to finish their delivery as soon as possible. This is sometimes affected by the traffic on the roads or road construction. To avoid that, a truck driver needs a GPS that is up to date with the quickest routes from the driver’s starting point to the destination. There are quite a few GPS systems out there, and insightful reviews at https://truckgpsreviews.com mention that a useful GPS has a mapping option in which the driver can have a 3D view of the road. Some GPS systems also have a rerouting option in case the driver misses a turn.

3-  Gear for Bad Weather

Even if you are an avid follower of the weather forecast, emergencies on the road do occur and a driver can suddenly find him/herself combatting rain or other weather conditions. Having waterproof boots, a jacket and gloves on hand keep drivers warm.

4-  Bag of Toiletries

There are indeed establishments where truck drivers can rest, but they still need to have their hygiene necessities on hand. A toiletry bag can have the basics, such as soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a razor. It could also be more well-packed and contain sanitizing wipes, shower slippers, and showering products.

5-  Sleep Gear

Since truck drivers are sometimes on the road for a couple of days, they need to rest. If they do not want to rest in a motel along the way, or if they have a co-driver with them on the road, they are going to have to get some sleep while they are in the truck. The whole process can be easier for them if they have the right gear with them. This can range from a sleeping bag and a blanket to a pajama set and earplugs.

6-  First Aid Kit

The importance of a first aid kit cannot be stressed enough. Not only will it help you with minor injuries on the road, but it could also offer aid during emergencies. This is not just a necessity for truck drivers.

7-  Water

Whether there are rest areas along the way or not, a truck driver has to have some form of sustenance on the truck with them. They need to keep water on hand to avoid getting dehydrated, especially during the summer when the heat will be a little intense.

Some of these essentials are to stay safe on the road. Others are for cleanliness and nutrition so that drivers will stay comfortable and healthy, while they’re on the road. No matter where a truck driver is going, having these items is definitely a necessity.

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