YouTube Growth Strategies & Techniques

There are many strategies to help grow a YouTube channel. We want to cover a few in this article.

Although it may seem that this point is not so essential, it is vital that in the description you should include at least 2 or 4 times your keyword as this will help you improve the positioning of your video. In addition add synonyms to your description so that users can use it to find your videos more quickly when they search for topics related to your niche.

 Post content very often.

Another fundamental point to achieve your desired success when trying to get more views for YouTube video is to upload content very frequently, for this you can take advantage of using devices such as tablets and smartphones since these devices will make it easier to have a closer contact with your followers.

As earlier pointed out, the amount of content that you upload daily is significant, as well as the frequency with which you will do it. For this, it is important that you set yourself a kind of goal, either by telling yourself to: uploading content every day, two or three times a week, every fifteen days, among others.

Keep in mind that this is key to achieve good video visibility for your channel.

Create an excellent profile for your channel

The profile on your YouTube channel is like your cover letter, and this means that it is very important that all the information found in it is really interesting. To do this, add the links of your other websites, other social networks, blog, and also, add an exciting avatar photo, as well as a cover photo.

Customize your channel as much as you can so that you can generate an excellent Youtube impression on all those users who want to see your content. In case you have a video that you like, and you want it to be like your ‘cover letter’ then you can highlight it, this will allow it to be the most viewed by your subscribers.

Share your videos to other social networks

Once you have uploaded your video to the platform, the next thing will be to start sharing it. Sharing the video will make it spread across many platforms so that other people can view it. For this, social networks like, Facebook, twitter, Reddit, instant messaging groups, blogs, websites, and any other available means of communication.

Some people go to extra mile to buy YouTube views just to fool the YouTube algorithm and other YouTubers that their video is very engaging and people are viewing, if you go in this direction, you might have temporary success in the beginning but if you are in this to make money for the long term benefit, growing your channel organically will give you the most benefits. 

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