How to Find Topics on Twitter Spaces on Desktop?

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Twitter Spaces did not have an official catalog or directory

Twitter Spaces does not have an official catalog or directory. Twitter Spaces is a feature on the Twitter platform that allows users to host and join live audio conversations. At that time, users could only discover Spaces through various methods, such as seeing them in their Twitter feed, receiving notifications from people they follow, or finding Spaces within a user's profile if they were currently hosting or participating in one.

Check out - you can see all the live spaces, filter them by language, and also see upcoming and recorded spaces leaderboards

To find topics on Twitter Spaces, you can try the following methods:

Explore the "Spaces" Tab: Twitter has a dedicated "Spaces" tab where you can discover ongoing and scheduled Spaces. Tap on the "Spaces" icon at the bottom of the Twitter app to access it. Here you'll find a curated list of Spaces that are currently live or scheduled to start soon. You can browse through the available Spaces and choose the ones that align with your interests.

Search for Hashtags: You can search for relevant hashtags related to the topics you're interested in. Twitter users often include hashtags in their Space titles or descriptions to make them more discoverable. Use the Twitter search bar and enter a hashtag related to a specific topic (e.g., #tech, #music, #sports). The search results may include Spaces that are currently discussing or focusing on those topics.

Follow Influencers and Thought Leaders: If you have specific interests, follow influencers, experts, or thought leaders who frequently host or participate in Spaces related to those topics. They may often tweet about their upcoming Spaces or share links to join their discussions. By following them, you'll be more likely to discover Spaces aligned with your interests.

Follow Curated Accounts: There are several Twitter accounts dedicated to curating and promoting Spaces on specific topics. Look for accounts that focus on the topics you're interested in and follow them. These accounts often retweet or share information about Spaces related to their chosen themes, making it easier for you to find relevant discussions.

Engage with the Twitter Community: Engage in conversations on Twitter, interact with users, and participate in discussions related to the topics you're interested in. By being active on the platform and following relevant accounts, you may come across Spaces that are shared or recommended by other users within your network.

Remember that the availability of these features and methods may change over time as Twitter continues to develop and refine its Spaces functionality. 

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