Central New Yorkers Cell Phone Dead Zones During Emergencies

New York bad cell service

Central New Yorkers with cell phones frequently encounter frustrating dropped calls, especially in unexpected areas. This issue has become a significant concern across the region.

For instance, during a recent fire at Ridgewood Market plaza on Oneida Street in South Utica, business owners struggled to contact emergency services due to poor cell reception. This incident underscores a broader worry among residents that emergencies may go unanswered due to unreliable service.

Senator Schumer responded strongly to this situation, emphasizing the urgent need for Verizon to address these "dead zones." He highlighted the necessity of completing the new cell tower under construction to ensure the safety of South Uticans and neighboring New Hartford residents.

Several roads and routes in Central New York are notorious for poor cell service, including State Route 5 in Kirkland near Cliff's Local Market and Genesee Street in New Hartford Village.

Efforts are underway to tackle this issue, with a new cell tower being constructed in New Hartford. Mayor Donald Ryan expressed gratitude to Senator Schumer for delivering on this promise and emphasized that the new tower will significantly improve connectivity across the community.

The ongoing construction of this tower is expected to resolve many of the dead zone issues plaguing Central New York, offering hope for improved cellphone service and emergency response reliability.

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