Why I Am Dropping Frontier TV: Commercial Interruptions During Live Hockey Games

As a dedicated hockey fan, there's nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of watching a live game. The thrill of seeing your favorite team battle it out on the ice, the tension in close matches, and the pure excitement of a last-minute goal are experiences that are irreplaceable. Unfortunately, my time with Frontier TV has marred these moments, and I’ve reached my breaking point with interruptions on TNT and ESPN during the Stanley Cup Finals.

One of the most frustrating aspects of watching a live hockey game is when the broadcast cuts out unexpectedly. Imagine the scenario: it’s the final period, the game is tied, and your team is in a power play. The excitement is palpable. Then, without warning, the screen switches to a commercial. You’re left staring at an advertisement for a product you don’t care about, missing crucial moments of the game. This has happened to me repeatedly with Frontier TV, and it's not just an occasional hiccup—it's become a pattern.

The Problem with Frontier TV

Frontier TV’s interruptions during live broadcasts have been a persistent issue. Despite several complaints to customer service and multiple assurances that the problem would be resolved, the interruptions have continued. These disruptions break the immersive experience of watching a live hockey game. It’s not just about missing a few seconds; it’s about the break in the narrative, the lost momentum, and the sheer annoyance of being yanked out of the action.

Impact on the Viewing Experience

For a true hockey fan, every second of the game counts. Whether it's a sudden breakaway, a strategic play, or a dramatic save by the goalie, each moment is vital. Missing these due to untimely commercials is infuriating. It’s not just about the commercials themselves, but the timing of these interruptions. They often occur during critical points in the game, making it even more aggravating.

Cutting the Cord: Exploring Alternatives

In today’s digital age, cutting the cord has become a viable option for many viewers. Devices like Apple TV and Roku offer a seamless way to access a variety of streaming services that can provide a more reliable and consistent viewing experience. These devices are user-friendly, affordable, and offer a wide range of content.

DirectTV Stream: A Reliable Alternative

Among the many alternatives, DIRECTV Stream stands out as a particularly attractive option for sports fans. DIRECTV Stream offers robust sports packages, ensuring that fans can watch their favorite games without interruption. With features like cloud DVR, multiple simultaneous streams, and access to regional sports networks, DIRECTV Stream provides a comprehensive and satisfying viewing experience. It’s compatible with devices like Apple TV and Roku, making it easy to integrate into existing setups.

Making the Switch

After much consideration, I have decided to drop Frontier TV in favor of a more reliable service like DIRECTV Stream. The frustration of missing key moments in live hockey games due to poorly timed commercial interruptions has overshadowed any convenience the service might offer. By switching to DIRECTV Stream, accessed through devices like Apple TV or Roku, I hope to regain the uninterrupted, immersive experience that makes watching hockey so exhilarating.


For any dedicated sports fan, the choice of TV provider is crucial. Reliable service, consistent quality, and an uninterrupted viewing experience are non-negotiable. Unfortunately, Frontier TV has failed to meet these basic expectations, leading to repeated frustration and disappointment. It’s time to say goodbye to Frontier TV and hello to a service that respects the passion and dedication of hockey fans.

In the end, watching a live hockey game should be about the sport, the thrill, and the moments that make it unforgettable—not about missing out because of untimely commercial breaks. I’m looking forward to enjoying my favorite sport without interruptions, and I hope other fans in a similar situation will consider making a switch to DIRECTV Stream, Apple TV, or Roku as well.

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