Cell Phone Coverage Maps On Your iPhone

Now that it is becoming easier to access internet applications on mobile phones I thought it would be timely to show off our capabilities to search and submit complaints to DeadCellZones.com on your iPhone. No longer does it require you to be at a computer to file a coverage complaint to our site. The next time you are on the road and frustrated with a dead zone just submit a complaint to our site on your mobile phone or iPhone before you forget about it. First, search the map by typing in your zip code and look for your location on the map and complaints submitted by other users. Second, if don't see a colored pin in the area you experienced poor coverage double click on the map and submit the new complaint. I can't stand all of the patronizing commercials the carriers use, "Do you experience dead zones" or "Can you hear me now?" Of course, we do! You can also get to our site with a shorter url at DeadZones.com.

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