Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cell phone signal boosters (also referred to as cell phone amplifiers or cell phone repeaters) have become increasingly popular in recent years with the explosion of consumers accessing voice and data on the cellular phone. Unfortunately along with the benefits of cell phones have come a new problem, a lack of good cell phone coverage and congestion, or what is commonly referred to as a dead cell zone.  Here is an explanation below that will explain the various signals your phone will be telling you.

With dead zones, the opportunity was created for some smart entrepreneurs who found a way to enhance cell signals and thus eliminate these dead zones without putting up new cell phone towers. The result was that companies began popping up all over the place that was specifically manufacturing what we now know as the cell phone booster. Are you looking for information on the different types of cell phone signal boosters, which brands are the best, and how to install and operate your cell signal booster? Here are links that will direct you to the manufacturers of cell phone signal boosters.

Cell phone signal booster brands we are familiar with include: Wilson Electronics, Wi-Ex zBoost, Call Capture and Cell Ranger, just to name a few. Please email us with others we are missing and submit your feedback on any of the products below.

Cell phone signal boosters are generally small electronic devices that capture nearby weak cell phone signals and retransmit them so that they are stronger and reach into areas where signal loss may be present. In most cases, cell boosters are most effective in indoor areas where cell signals were previously blocked by the building itself or trees. Cell boosters are also known for working really well in cars especially in congested cities.

There are many advantages to having cell phone signal boosters. In most cases, a cell booster will allow your mobile phone to be a true wireless device. Once you get a booster you will be able to roam throughout your whole house without worrying about dropped calls as opposed to being forced to stand near a window or even outside. A cell signal booster will allow you to not only eliminate dropped calls but will also allow you to move about your entire house while using your cell phone.

Cell phone signal boosters work very differently depending on the application, building structure, phone, carrier, and environment. This list below consists of some great cell phone amplifiers and some not-so-great ones too. Our goal here was to provide links to a wide range of different types of cellular boosters that have different features in order to give you a good idea of what is out there so you can choose the booster that is best for you.

Please submit your feedback to any of these products under comments.

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