Coverage Map Audits Are Needed

If France is auditing their coverage maps why doesn't the U.S. via FCC,, Telephia (Now Nielsen Mobile), PriMetrica or GWS Solutions? When 66% of the market is controlled by 2 companies AT&T and Verizon they can push around the FCC like a rag doll. This has clearly been happening for the last 10 years and about to change with the new Obama administration at the controls of the FCC. However, it is clear an audit of coverage maps needs to be carried out by the private sector who is best at creating a business out of this and there are a number of big players entering the wireless market who would like to see this happen.

France’s national telecoms watchdog Arcep has published the results of its 2008 survey on the reliability of GSM coverage maps provided by incumbent mobile operators Orange France, SFR and Bouygues Telecom. The regulator’s audit found that the maps are consistent with more than 96.5% of measurements made in the field. The reliability of the operators’ maps is considered generally good at the national level, but must be improved in certain regions (or cantons). With regard to these cantons, Arcep has asked the incumbents to revise their maps this year, and to take further steps in 2009 as required by the provisions of the Decision No 2007-0178. The watchdog has also set out in its decision No 2009-0200 (dated 10 March 2009), a new list of 251 townships to be audited by operators in the current year. The investigation should be completed late October 2009, with results made available in early 2010.

in reference to: Arcep audit shows GSM coverage maps 96.5% accurate: CommsUpdate : TeleGeography Research (view on Google Sidewiki)

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