Ranking of Worst Cell Phone Coverage Cities

United States Heat Map of Cell Phone Coverage Problems

Which City Gets The Most Cell Phone Coverage Complaints? 

We analyzed the visitor traffic on Deadcellzones.com's regional & City pages of visitor traffic.  The City & regional ranked pages are below by the most amount of visitor traffic we have received to our individual pages.   Visitors find these pages typically by typing into search engines "cell phone coverage in Las Vegas" for example. 

We came up with our own ranking based on the number of complaints, traffic and activity on a page to determine which States were neglected by the carriers the most.  If we ranked by traffic along this would skew heavily the densely populated Cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Columbus, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington DC and Denver. 

Here are a few cities that have been cited as having comparatively weaker cell phone coverage:

Anchorage, Alaska: Despite being Alaska's largest city, Anchorage has reported issues with cell phone coverage due to its unique geography and remote location.

Las Vegas, Nevada: The high population density and heavy usage of mobile devices in Las Vegas can result in network congestion and potential coverage challenges during peak times.

San Francisco, California: The hilly terrain and dense urban environment in parts of San Francisco have been known to cause spotty coverage in certain areas, particularly in buildings or underground spaces.

New York City, New York: As one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, New York City can experience network congestion and coverage issues in heavily populated areas, especially during peak hours.

Honolulu, Hawaii: Despite being a major city, certain parts of Honolulu, particularly more remote or mountainous areas, can have limited cell phone coverage due to challenging terrain.

If you click on the individual City and regional pages below you can see a discussion about which carriers typically have the best and worst coverage in the area.  You can also view the complaints by color on the map.  
  1. Las Vegas
  2. Orange County
  3. Long Island
  4. Dallas 
  5. Washington DC
  6. Maui
  7. San Diego
  8. Atlanta
  9. Seattle
  10. Denver
  11. Los Angeles
  12. Atlanta
  13. Big Island
  14. Houston
  15. Denver
  16. Phoenix
  17. Dallas
  18. Lake Tahoe
  19. Austin
  20. New Orleans
  21. Sacramento
  22. Cleveland
  23. Albuquerque
  24. Charlotte
  25. Tampa
  26. Chicago
  27. Kauai
  28. Santa Cruz 
  29. Baltimore
  30. Boise
  31. San Francisco
  32. St Louis
  33. Kansas City
  34. Nashville
  35. El Paso
  36. Puerto Rico
  37. Salt Lake City
  38. Spokane
  39. Omaha
  40. Memphis
  41. Riverside
  42. Jackson Hole
  43. Milwaukee
  44. Virginia Beach
  45. Yosemite
  46. Fort Worth
  47. Wichita
  48. Miami
  49. Bakersfield
  50. Eugene
  51. Des Moines
  52. San Jose
  53. Mesa
  54. Alameda
  55. Aspen
  56. Kauai
  57. Fremont
  58. Redding
  59. Half Moon Bay
  60. Monterey

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