Consumer Reports Has No Credibility in Mobile

Do 50,000 people (teenagers) filling out a surveys for money justify AT&T deserving the worst customer service rating from Consumer Reports?  I am not trying to defend AT&T but I would argue that Consumer Reports survey methodology is flawed.  Service and coverage is a local issue and no one should trust surveys which represent .02% of the entire U.S. wireless market.  They need to provide more transparency about who is filling out the survey based on this quote: "AT&T ranked the lowest in overall consumer satisfaction in 19 of the 26 surveyed cities (which), ranging from New York and San Francisco to (as FierceWireless points out) Atlanta, Cleveland, and Houston. Verizon, meanwhile, ranked first in all 26 cities in the Consumer Reports survey. Ouch." has far more visitors and contributors that contribute local and objective views about service.   Consumer Reports is drinking the same Cool Aid all of the carriers want you to drink and trust surveys and coverage maps.  Wireless is a local issue and you shouldn't care about customer service if your phone works, the price is competitive and you have coverage in your home, office and places you frequently visit.

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