How to Fix Your Apartment Cell Phone Dead Zone

Your new apartment can be perfect : great location, all the space you need and more. But then you go to make a phone call and you discover : no cell phone service. Your apartment may be a cell phone dead zone. That situation is bad enough if you also have a landline, but if you rely primarily on your cell phone, no reception can be a major issue.

No service isn’t exactly a reason to break your lease, but living a dead zone can create some problems. There are a few steps you can take to make the situation more tolerable. You can come up with several approaches to make sure you don’t miss important phone calls: if expecting a call on your cell phone (office number) you can either forward the call to your home phone, sit in the car on the street to take the call, or sit outside on your porch. Otherwise, you can either make all calls from home phone or from your car when you are out and about driving.
Forwarding your cell phone to your home phone number is generally your most reliable bet for making sure you don’t miss any calls to your cell phone. Beyond the forwarding option, you may have considered a cellular repeater. Cell phone repeaters act as amplifiers for cell phones. Most of the repeaters on the market aren’t exactly a good deal. And every time the technology changes — every few years, lately — the current types of repeaters become obsolete. But in some situations, it can be worth paying for a new cellular repeater.
Beyond these options, the only way to get cell phone service in some places is demolish the building and start from scratch. I doubt your landlord will go for that approach !

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