Mt. Baldy is a T-Mobile Dead Zone

I have been skiing up at Mt. Baldy for almost 10 years and think it is one of the hidden secrets of Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, the most annoying thing about the ski resort is that it has zero T-Mobile cell phone coverage as you leave Claremont, CA and drive up the mountain.   There hasn't been any coverage on the mountain for many years and is a prime candidate for a distributed antenna system that multiple carriers could piggyback on.

Today was a beautiful 55 degree Spring skiing day in the mountains with my 3 year old son who tore it up.  However, we were skiing with another father and daughter and became separated.  There were probably a few thousand people on the mountain during the day and many of whom had T-Mobile.  The friends we were with had AT&T Wireless and left numerous voicemails and text messages that were unreceived by us until we were back in the Claremont area.  

Unfortunately, this can be a big safety hazard if one assumes that a place with as much traffic as Mt. Baldy has does not have cell coverage.  I can't image if someone would get in-trouble on the mountain and their only hope was dialing their cell phone for help and it didn't work.  Apparently, AT&T and Verizon do work on the mountain and it would be nice to see T-Mobile strike up a roaming agreement with either.  Get it together T-Mobile its about time.  There are millions of people that live near the foothills of this mountain and many millions of them are your customers.

Please retweet this and/or share this with your friends and hope with enough people speaking about it we get it fixed. 

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