False Advertising of Cell Service Availability

David (deadzones.com) vs. Goliath (carriers)

After some increased blogger and social media exposure in rural areas of the US, we have started to notice a groundswell data from customers located in smaller US cities who are falling victim to continued false advertising from mainly the bigger carriers Verizon and AT&T.  We have decided to focus our efforts and begin exposing these areas more prominently in our blog and on Twitter @deadzones to show where consumers are getting screwed.  Our goal is to raise the level of exposure in these neglected smaller cities in order to help improve service in the local area.  The following towns and cities are just some of the areas listed on dead zones map in the last 90 days that specifically highlight that Verizon's Coverage Map is making false claims.

Where Do Verizon's Coverage Maps Lie?
Olinda, California - "No service Verizon even though the coverage map says excellent coverage"
Gresham, Michigan - "Dead zone your coverage maps are a lie"
Bridger, Montana - "Map shows coverage, the whole town is a dead zone."
Madison, North Carolina - "How does Verizon get away with their coverage maps that certainly do not reflect actual coverage???"
Lake Mack Forrest Hills, Florida  - "Bad inside and outside. It was the same with Sprint, but Sprint's coverage map showed I would have trouble Verizon's coverage map shows I should have a full signal. Verizon wants to blame the phone I am using they are FOS."

Why have we picked on Verizon? Because they are the most aggressive about hyping their coverage maps and someone needs to make them accountable to their claims. We will get to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and others as well in due time. Here are links to other carriers coverage maps that we recommend you check before claiming their coverage maps lie on our site: AT&T Sprint/NextelT-MobileTracfoneAlltelUS CellularCricket CommQwest WirelessMetro PCS

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