AT&T to Spend $1B on Free Femtocells

AT&T To Give Away 10 million Microcells (Femtocells)

AT&T plans to spend $4B to enhance its network and $1B of this to be allocated at giving away 10 million  Microcells at $100 each.  This is only 12% of their entire customer base and we speculate that its' loyal small business customers who desperately need home or business coverage will get priority.  We are simply foreshadowing the inevitable news that AT&T seems to be avoided as they can sell early adopters this first iteration of the Cisco manufactured AT&T Home Cell Tower or MicroCell for $150.

AT&T has rolled this out in about a half dozen markets and claims they will go Nationwide later this spring or summary.  I think they are testing the market to see how early adopters are just willing to pay $150 and $20 per month for enhanced in-building coverage.  We speculate they are going to be forced into giving away a minimum of 10M femtocells (Microcell mini cell phone towers) to its' customers that cost them $100 each because of pressures from the cable operators and the smaller operators.  These mini cell phone towers will fix the horrible coverage more than 40M of AT&T's customers have indoors. 10M microcells would only be a fraction of their customer base of 80M that actually needs the product or may switch to another dump pipe operator in the near future.

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