T-Mobile 3G Data Fast or Slow?

Would You Prefer Your T-Mobile Data Delivered Fast or Sometimes Slow?

T-Mobile will not charge you for using over 5GB of data, but they may slow your connection down if you go over your plan.  T-Mobile is dropping its 5GB limit for subscribers that take its $60 per month data package. Instead of charging customers for exceeding their monthly bandwidth allotment of 5GB, T-Mobile will throttle back speeds on the service by an unspecified amount. An interesting solution but wouldn't you prefer to choose whether I get hit with charges or slowdowns?

This comes on the heels of T-Mobile unveiling plans in March of 2010 to upgrade its national high-speed 3G service to the High-Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) technology, which will deliver customers data speeds faster than the current 3G network technology. By the end of 2010, T-Mobile expects to have HSPA+ deployed across the breadth of its 3G footprint, covering more than 100 metropolitan areas and 185 million people.

How ironic, with AT&T, the slowdowns come for free on the iPhone everywhere and it doesn't matter what the bandwidth usage is :).

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