Verizon's Arrogance Now Rules the Air

According to Boy Genius - Verizon dropping “Can you hear me now” from marketing campaigns? This horrendous marketing campaign for a new even more egotistical slogan.  Can You Hear Me Now is now "Rule the Air - Verizon".  According to this USA today article the advertisement was a hit with potential consumers back in 2004.  Verizon might be the most arrogant company on the planet and it permeates throughout the management team.  These two comments below are very typical from all employees throughout the company . . .

VZW Rep Blog Comment:  Look we employees really don’t give a nuns c*nt about you customers a.k.a transmitters. In fact, when we finish up with you on the floor we go back to the inventory room and make fun of you and talk about how your wife was giving me the f*ck me eyes lol Then she took my business card when you weren’t looking. Anyway, we offer you premium services, you’re going to be paying premium prices. If you don’t like that, go to t-mobile you cheap f*cks. So tired of reading comments from our whiney customers on here. Stfu and pay up or leave, we don’t need you.  We are the best cell service available. You will do what we feel fit. Accept that or leave our service. Stop coming in to stores and b*tching about prices of phones. Stop asking for free sh*t, we are not a non profit organization. Buy some accessories, I don’t want to hear your cheap skate shpeil about how you can get a car charger online for five bucks. Meet me in the middle here and I will pull out of your wife after she texts me asking to meet up when your working. If you don’t, I’m going to leave you a slimy present, all though you’ll just think she’s all wet for you lol.

This time its going to come back in bite them in the ass and its going to be free Wi-Fi that is going to do it as they begin to role out expensive LTE.  Verizon won't rule the air very long when wireless technology researches perfect the much needed Wi-Fi "hand-off" capabilities.  There will soon millions of open Wi-Fi networks around the world and it will draft the cell phone towers.

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