10 Things A Facebook Phone Could Improve

Creating a better mobile phone experience could help Facebook as it competes against Google for location based advertising dollars.  Google might not be #1 at social, but it’s clearly trying to get better, and it will soon will better social media and sharing features. One of Google’s best assets is its growing user base of Android phones and this Facebook needs to leverage this.  A Facebook Android phone could help give the social media giant more leverage and have a huge impact on their mobile advertising-based platform.  Here are 10 things a Facebook phone would do for its' users and the changing industry:

1)  Improved address book features and automatic updates.
2)  Better instant messaging, VoIP and video chat with people you know and trust
3)  Never use voicemail or get a busy signal again with presence indicators
4)  Improved GPS applications & privacy settings for location-based application
5)  Improved group scheduling, notification and RSVP features
6)  Group chat or instant location conference calls for events and meetings
7)  Mobile payments and a new "Groupon like" coupons
8) Location-based advertising for stuff I actually might want.
9)  Group cell phone buying plans for unlocked phones (500M+ users)
10) Better social gaming and location-based sharing features.

Which carrier would Facebook likely choose in the US?  I think Facebook would like launch as a Sprint MVNO using the new 4G network.

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