Reset FiOS Router to Fix Your Slingbox

Verizon FiOS is a great broadband service but their wireless router has caused some networking issues with my Slingbox and Samsung Galaxy phone.  For those customers who have had their Verizon FiOS router for a while (more than a few months), it's probably time to reset the settings and start from scratch.  Here are two examples of problems that were immediately resolved when I did a hard reset on my router (see picture below).  A hard reset of the router can be done by holding down the red button with a pen for about 10 seconds.  After this is completed I would recommend connecting a computer to your router via an Ethernet cord and reset the wireless to your previous settings. Remember the address of your home router is and your user name will likely be reset to "admin".   You will be prompted to change your password immediately after being connected.  

My Slingbox Pro was not being recognized by the network and after resetting the router it began to work.  I spent many hours trying to configure the port forwarding settings on the router without much success.  Apparently, through all of the firmware updates, the Slingbox was somehow removed from the network and I was unable to access the devices from a PC, Mac, or Android phone.

I am not sure what settings were off but would appreciate any feedback from users.

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