How to Save Money on Phone Bills

One of the biggest expense items for companies who have large mobile workforces are the monthly cell phone bills.  Companies typically do their best to get all employees under one carrier in order to theoretically save money and get a deal.  However, how do you know that you are getting a deal?

1)  Are you buying new phones for each employee to be on the same plan?
2)  Are you auditing the monthly call activity over your employees?
3)  Are they getting the best service possible in your area?
4)  If all of your employees are on one carrier are you locked into a "good" price?
5)  Should you be encouraging your employees to use free WiFi more often instead of the expensive 4G or WiMax plans?
6)  What if you could give each of your employees a choice of which carrier and the handset or smart phone they wanted to use?
7)  Are you employees spending too much time managing their phone services and reporting expenses?
8)  Are you wasting valuable productivity time provisioning phones to your new employees and getting phones back from employees no longer with the company?
9)  Are you using VoIP for international calls?
10) Lastly, are you auditing and keeping track of the coverage service quality that your employees are getting and using this as leverage when you renew your contract?

Here are some companies that might help you make cheaper international calls with VoIP and audit your cell phone call activity through the carrier. Auditing your call activity is very important these days as dropped calls and coverage quality is actually getting worse as data speeds increase.  Most of these hosted solutions working with cell phones using unified communications tools and are sold directly to small businesses and directly to consumers.

Google Voice - Gives small businesses a second business number and makes voicemail more efficient.  It will also save money on international calls.
Skype - Great for video conferencing and making international calls and for businesses of any size.
Second Voice -  Large enterprises can audit and manage employee phones by adding a second number to an existing employee cell phone. 
Toktumi - Hosted PBX that gives employees a second number and has apps for your smartphone  
Truphone - Cheap VoIP calls from your mobile phone over WiFi
Ring Central - Get 800 numbers and virtual PBX with VoIP for calls
Vonage - VoIP phone service target to home users
Fonality - Viritual PBX in a box for small to medium sized enterprises
Virtual PBX - Hosted PBX for small business
Vbuzzer - VoIP software for PC

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