Why Mobile Phone Consumers Are So Stupid

These might some of the funniest videos I have ever seen making fun of today's consumer mentality.  The aspiring film maker Brian Maupin is brilliant and we would like to hire Brian to see if he can poke fun at the carriers.  It just goes to show how stupid corporate American thinks consumers are these days.  

Best Buy suspended and then try to reinstate suspended Independence store employee Brian Maupin.  However, Hollywood has now found discovered him and now looks to be move his career upward.  His films seen above compare the Sprint EVO verses the iPhone 4.  The video took him 30 minutes to make and made fun of iPhone fans for the frenzy to get the device.  The animated video features a sales person trying to convince a person looking for an iPhone to buy a Sprint smart phone instead.  He compares many features on the phone that are inferior but the iPhone fanboys still want their new device.

Brian who is an aspiring filmmaker isn't sure he wants to return to selling cell phones and other electronics.  Best Buy had suspended him while they investigated that and two other videos they thought disparaged the store.  The videos were posted on YouTube.

In a statement, Best Buy said, "This is an important situation for us because it involved balancing our social media guidelines with a commitment to creating a supportive environment for our employees." The company noted that Mauphin had removed the videos that disparaged Best Buy. "Contrary to rumors, Brian has not been fired and is scheduled to return to his job at Best Buy this Friday," the statement says. But Mauphin told KMBC's Robb Yagmin that he is weighing his options and may not show up.  "Right now I'm planning on taking a leave of absence so that I may survey my current career plans and the future," Mauphin said. "I'm not sure it would be comfortable returning to Best Buy considering the circumstaces, but I will definitely consider all options."

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