4G False Advertising Lawsuits Are Coming

Where is Andy Rooney When you Need Him?
4G as we now use the term here in the US is a wireless speed marketing term. Today's 4G is actually only modified 3G and should be marketed as such and not 4G.  All of the carriers use the same term even though their speeds are different and have devalued it to the point where it simply doesn’t make sense to fight it anymore.  Just make fun of them and laugh.  These are lessons learned all of the theoretical coverage maps projected over the last decade.  4G is simply a marketing term wireless carriers use to distinguish new from old and slow from fast.

Here is an independent analysis of 4G speeds compared from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.  These carriers are not held accountable for their speeds and won't anytime soon because the governing bodies are a bunch of puppet wimps.  Carriers will soon start suing each other and consumers will start suing the carriers for false advertising for the chaos.  These lawsuits should start popping up any day because our FCC and Consumer Groups are completely spineless governing bodies that can't regulate.  Ultimately lots of money will be made by aggressive lawyers and consumers will be left with holding a bag of shit.  It seems the planned obsolescence is the only way to sell ice to Eskimos and keep the industry alive.

I think we are at the tipping point of innovation and WiFi and this could change everything.  Our advice is to fight for free Wifi and more open public wifi hotspots.  Cutting out the carrier is the only option as this might be the final straw that breaks their back.

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