Microsoft Windows 7 Phone User Interface Review

Microsoft might finally have a phone that will appeal to consumers as well as enterprise IT departments.  The phone actually feels less "geeky" than previous Windows Mobile operating system versions. Windows 7 is using a new user interface that uses a "glance and goes" technique for navigating on the phone.  The home screen uses a system called "live tiles" which essentially are mini windows within the same home screen.  So without having to navigate into individual apps it shows the data or the action within one screen to save steps.  This could be useful if you are using lots of apps like email, phone, IM, Facebook & Twitter.  Apparently, the smooth scrolling and navigation are the best features of the new phone.

I think conceptually it makes a lot of sense.  However, I am not thrilled with the text formats and the edges of the apps.  I personally prefer rounded edges and think the devil is in the details with this issue.  I suppose if you are still a heavy Microsoft Windows user within an enterprise you will not likely notice the difference.  One thing that confuses me is who is their target market?  Blackberry users I presume who is tied to the enterprise.  I really don't see any Android or iPhone users converting to the new Microsoft Windows 7 platform.  Android phone notifications are still by far the best and feel better.

Below is a lengthy 20-minute review provide by Slashgear for your viewing pleasure.

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