T-Mobile 4G Phones: G2 & MyTouch Compared

The MyTouch 4G and Tmobile G2 are both supporting HSPA+ or 4G T-mobile's network. Both the MyTouch 4G and G2 both run on Android 2.2 and the new WiFi calling feature that allows customers who don't have coverage in the home to make and receive calls on WiFi. The G2 is slightly heavier than the MyTouch but feels more solid.  I prefer the new G2 slide-out keyboard that has a hinge versus the MyTouch slide.  The MyTouch is selling for $50 cheaper but I think it's worth it to pay up for the G2.  Having a phone that is developed and integrated with Google applications will likely pay off in the long-run.  The only reason you would likely prefer the MyTouch is likely the front-facing camera. However, if you look at the G2 phone there is a place on the front of the phone that looks a lot like a front-facing camera. A front-facing camera may not currently be available in the G2 software but I have a sneaky suspicion that it will have it as well soon.  If you like this review see our review of the Samsung Vibrant vs HTC G2

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