Does AT&T Have WiFi Calling?

AT&T has by far the worst 3G reception and reputation of dropping calls for their customers on their congested network.  Why haven't they decided to go down the WiFi calling path like T-Mobile with their Android phones?  We have started hearing some positive reviews from T-Mobile customers who are using their new UMA WiFi calling app from Kineto on Android phones.  We were wondering if AT&T, Verizon & Sprint plan to follow T-Mobile's lead and offer a similar product?  Android smartphone connected to a Wifi network have the option of  making calls through WiFi once it is registered on the network.  The phone seems to minimize the signal from HSPA+ or Edge to reduce interference & is designed to be used in locations where you don't have any signal like indoors.

When T-Mobile indicated they were not taking a femtocell strategy last year and said they were focusing on WiFi for offloading and in dead zones I was initial skeptical.  But now I am not because the product works great and is very disruptive to a number of other telecom businesses that help with cell coverage.  Its not likely you will see Verizon, Sprint or AT&T following in T-Mobile's footsteps and actually do what is right for the consumer.  However, I hope I am wrong.  Why would you want to give your customers a product that is free?  Wouldn't it disrupt their profit center femtocell business AT&T MicrocellVerizon femtocell & Sprint femtocell sales.

Here is a review that explains the T-Mobile application that is NOT available currently in the Android marketplace. 

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