List of T-Mobile Phones That Have UMA WiFi Calling

Right now T-Mobile is the only US carrier to offer UMA WiFi calling on Android phones.  Here is a list of phones that currently support the Kineto application that is not currently available in the Android marketplace.  The application is free but minutes are deducted from your total plan if you make calls over WiFi which is reasonable.  Other carriers like AT&T, Verizon & Sprint have largely ignored this demand from consumers because of their growing femtocell businesses where they would like to sell you a piece of hardware for around $250 plus a monthly data plan. See: AT&T Microcell, Verizon femtocell & Sprint femtocell sales.

Kineto Wireless is an innovator and leading supplier of solutions that enable delivery of mobile services over broadband. They have deploy Smart Wi-Fi Application for Wi-Fi Calling to their customers for free improve indoor coverage through the use of existing Wi-Fi access points. This list is constantly being updated so please check back for further updates and and become a Facebook fan to stay informed.

After speaking with T-Mobile's customer service team we came up with a list of phones that currently have UMA on the device:  G2, MyTouch Phones, Samsung Vibrant, Behold 2 Katalyst, Most Blackberry Phones, Nokia e73 and Nokia 6086, Motorola Cliq and Cliq XT

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